Giving Leggings A Go

A few months back I purchased and downloaded a pattern from for Cake Pattern’s “Espresso Leggings”.  Riffs_EspressoLeggings_Front.indd

It was the first time I bought a downloadable pattern, my first pattern from Cake Patterns, and I’ve never made leggings before. So there you go.

Since I’m committed to the RTW Fast sponsored by Goodbye Valentino, I thought this would be a good time to give these a try. There weren’t part of my sewing plan, but I realize that is really focused more on professional clothes and I’m going to need more than that!

Gorgeous Fabrics was having a sale on knits and I found 2 fabrics that I thought would work for these. This one, called “spanxy black Italian rayon double knit” and this one, “Italian lightweight matter rayon jersey” in black.

I only needed a yard of each, so went ahead and placed the order.

All together, with shipping, under $40. Not bad for 2 pairs of leggings!

Well, for me, the next best thing to getting new patterns in the mail is getting fabric – and my order just arrived. The verdict – a winner and a loser.

First, the winner.


The “spanxy double knit” is awesome! It is heavy, has great recovery and will be very comfortable. I can’t wait to make up a pair using this fabric.

The other, not so good.


Honestly, I don’t know what they were thinking. Here’s the description…

“Here’s another matte rayon jersey from my fave-rave Italian supplier! This jersey has a light weight, super drapey feel and smooth, almost satiny finish. It’s fabulous, however you want to describe it.  This is light enough weight to be able to travel effortlessly through all sorts of climates. Make a “you’ll-have-this-forever” dress with McCalls 6163. Or jump on the leggings express in style with Christine Johnson 622. Fashionable and comfortable!”

It must have been the end of the day when the writer was drafting this copy. This fabric is lightweight, I’ll give them that. So much so that it’s almost sheer! It would make good leggings if you wanted them to be “see through” – not just in areas you usually don’t want, but all over.

I don’t know what I’ll end up doing with this fabric – but it won’t be leggings!

What I will say is, regardless – both fabrics are high quality. That is one thing you can depend on when you order from Gorgeous Fabrics. But still – you don’t always know what you’re going to get. A winner, a loser. At least I’ll get one pair of leggings! These are on deck, once I finish my “couture” dress.

I hope your online fabric buying is successful!

Meanwhile, Happy Sewing!



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