“Just Follow The Directions….”

That’s what my husband said when I told him I ran into a snag with my “Craftsy dress“.

When I bought my fashion fabric, I was talked in to buying Bemburg lining. I knew I was going to need lining, and I thought I might need interlining. When I mentioned the possibility of  interlining to the clerk he said “What for? you don’t need that!” Well, because I hadn’t gone through everything I needed for my class in detail, I bought the Bemburg along with my ivory tropical wool and went home.

This morning, reviewing some of the early lessons in my Craftsy class, I realize in fact, I DO need interlining and I do NOT want to use Bemburg lining.

My fabric is so light – as you can see…


Sure, Bemberg lining would work if I was making a “regular” dress, but this is a couture dress and apparently, that’s just not up to snuff. IMG_2963

Now that I’ve selected my fashion fabric, my concern is that using both an interlining and lining, my fashion fabric might be “outweighed.” So, I’ve started second guessing my choice of fabric.

Then, I layered silk organza with the fashion fabric. IMG_2964

This is my press cloth – but it’s silk organza. I found it does not make it too “stiff” at all – in fact, if it offers a little more body and that might be a good thing. So, with that settled, next I need to find lining fabric.

In the class I’m taking, silk charmeuse or crepe de chine are recommended. So, I’ll be back to the fabric store – this time clear on what I need. Thankfully, my store has a great selection of silks – should not be a problem.

So, as I explained all of this to my husband and that, at the end of the day, this dress project will cost me about $150.00 in fabric – but to buy a dress like this it would easily cost $500+, his response… “Just follow the directions.” So true!

With that settled, I’ve moved on to preparing my pattern pieces – all 14 of them! That’s what’s required with Vogue 8648.

One quick tip when cutting out pattern pieces – use your rotary cutter, not scissors.You get a much cleaner line, closer to the actual pattern and FAST!

This was done with scissors


This was cut with my rotary cutter


As I focus on the directions, I’m trying not to freak out at what I’ve gotten myself into. This is going to be a lot of work and I only have until mid-Feb to complete it. It’s a total upgrade in every respect from anything I’ve ever made before. Keeping my fingers crossed and going to remember that sage advice!

Hoping all your projects are going smoothly!

Happy Sewing!


9 responses to ““Just Follow The Directions….”

  1. Looks like I have a lot to learn yet! I hope someday to make a couture jacket. Can’t wait to see how your’s turns out – lovely, I am sure! – especially with such wise advice! 😀

  2. Silk organza is beautiful to work with and is perfect for interlining as it definitely doesn’t add any weight but does give you fabric a little extra body. Enjoy your class and the experience 🙂

  3. Hi Laura – there is a vast difference between the purpose of interlining and the purpose of lining, so I guess if you follow the directions you will find out :). Good luck with this dress .

    • Hi Annette – I’m just about to share an update on mine. I’m at my final (hopefully) fitting in my fashion fabric – but there is still lots more to go! I look forward to seeing yours too – great class, isn’t it?

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