2014 Sewing Goals

I’ve been away from home the past week – away from my sewing machine and all projects. It’s given me a chance to think through my sewing goals for the New Year. So here goes…

1) Sew ALL of My Own Clothes for 1 Year – I took the plunge and joined the RTW Fast sponsored by Sarah at Goodbye Valentino – I’m one of 262 sewers who have sworn to give up buying ANY clothing for the YEAR. That means buying zero clothes in 2014 ( shoes, socks, underwear excluded). Yikes! It’s daunting, but I need this challenge and I’m going to do my absolute best to stick with it. 

2) Develop a Sewing Plan – If I can’t buy clothes, I had better be strategic in what I choose to sew. That means I need a plan. I’ve already taken a stab at cleaning out my closet. In doing so I really realized that I don’t want a lot of clothes, I want a wardrobe of great looking, great fitting, high quality clothes. I need a plan that will provide what I need, when I need it. I’ve already started mapping out the year to see what events I need to consider. The big thing is there can be no emergencies – if I have to sew my clothes, I need to plan ahead and be ready. Being in Florida this week has been a help. The weather started out warm, so I was able to give some consideration to what I’ll need for summer – I’m thinking Tory Burch tunic. IMG_2952IMG_2953Then, as with the most of the rest of the US, the weather turned cold which provided an opportunity to do some upscale clothes “shopping” – to look, touch, and research design details and construction of some beautiful clothes – most impressive to me were Donna Karan and Jason Wu.Jason Wu sequin sheathIt felt a bit odd to be taking photos in the store, so this I pulled from the web – one of the many incredible pieces from Jason Wu’s Resort 2014 collection. What an artist!

3) Use Only the Best Quality Fabrics – This was one of the reasons I returned to sewing in the first place – I wanted to sew great fitting clothes in great fabrics. Over the past year my skills have improved and I’ve learned a lot. What I haven’t done is taken the plunge on really great fabric. I have a wonderful store not far from my home that sells beautiful designer fabrics and in about an hour and a half, I can be shopping in the garment district of NYC. garment distThere are also great on-line resources. No more bargain bin, second rate fabrics. No more excuses. I’m taking the plunge and upgrading.

4) Continue to Challenge Myself and Learn and Build my Skills – I have bought more Craftsy classes than I’ve actually taken. Two in particular are The Couture Dress with Susan Khalje and Sew the Perfect Fit with Lynda Maynard. craftsyI plan to choose one and sew along to make a dress I can wear for my son’s college graduation this spring. I will also “take” the other classes I have bought before buying a single other one. There is a lot of knowledge here that will help me continue my quest to improve my sewing skills. I will also look for other ways to continue to improve – my local ASG chapter, PatternReview contests, using my many sewing books.

5) Not Just Learn Fit, But Get Fit – If I’m sewing my own clothes, they would look much better if I firmed up and lost some weight. Besides, I’ll be healthier. This week I already started by hitting the gym daily.

IMG_0203Yep. Slefie on the elliptical.

IMG_2958I also got a Fit Bit Flex.

It’s actually pretty cool in that it tracks your daily activity and sleep and then, with a wireless connection, it sync’s and provides a dashboard you can see online or through an app how you’re doing. So far, so good!

So that’s it. My 2014 goals. I think making them public – or at least documenting them – makes it more likely they’ll be accomplished. At least I know I’m in good company on the RTW Fast!

For everyone else who has established goals for the new year – good luck!

Meanwhile, Happy New Year and Happy Sewing!


6 responses to “2014 Sewing Goals

  1. It looks like we have all the same goals…except for the quality fabric (I am not there yet) . I think its going to be an awesome year for all of us participating in the fast. Also…my fitbit name is the same as my blot if you need friends.

    • I so agree! I’m still sorting out all that you can do with the Fitbit – I may “friend” you when I get that far! Meanwhile I love the motivation it provides-gotta get those steps in!

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