2013 Year In Review

This week I’m away from home and for me, that also means away from my sewing projects – new and old. So, I’m taking advantage to reflect on what I accomplished in 2013 and what I plan for 2014.

When I started this blog last February, my goal was to sew at least 1 item each month that I could actually proudly wear and at least 1 item (which could be the same) from a pattern I had yet to sew.  So, by now I should have sewn at least eleven garments and used 11 patterns.

So, even though I technically have 1 more month to go, here is my final tally:

Highlights for me in 2013 were many….

I also learned a lot this year (or reinforced what I already knew!) – largely to be patient and slow down because my sewing quality is inconsistent – I need to take more care, when I start rushing or am tired I can count on messing up!  

I think my biggest accomplishment was getting the nerve to join the Ready to Wear Fast for 2014 being organized by Sarah at Goodbye Valentino. I’m joining ranks with about 200 other sewers to sew all our own garments in 2014 – not buying anything with the exception of shoes, socks or undergarments. I’m scared and excited about this journey…but do love a good challenge. Let’s see how it goes!

I hope your 2013 was a great year and you’re on to even better things in 2014!

Happy Sewing!


4 responses to “2013 Year In Review

  1. Wow! You certainly accomplished a lot this year! I am thinking of trying 1 item a month. I am so tired of wearing the same old things, and I certainly don’t want to buy new! I hope my day job doesn’t interfere with that! 🙂

  2. Great work this year – and I LOVE that zebra top! I just joined ASG and found a fashion sewing class in my neighborhood. They meet next weekend and I am a little nervous, but plan on showing up and soaking it all in!

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