Pamela’s Magic Pencil Skirt…

This pattern is magic – it makes the perfect pencil skirt…for knits anyway. I recently shared my TNT pencil skirt pattern for wovens, but if you’re looking for a skirt pattern for knits (or woven’s with >20% stretch)  – look no further!

perfect pencil collageIt is so easy! With a yard of fabric and about an hour of your time (including taking measurements) you’ll have a fabulous skirt!

I love the pegged bottom – I usually try to do this on my patterns, but this one is already styled that way.

Pamelas magic pencil skirt

For the waistband (I made the higher waistband version), Pamela recommends using wide elastic like this Fantastic Elastic

fantastic elastic

…and here’s why – it makes for a smooth, no roll waistband. It lays flat and there is no gathering – it just provides a nice, really comfortable fit. I bought some and used it in this skirt and can attest – it works like a dream!

Why I’ve only made one of these so far, I don’t know. What I can say is I wear this All. The. Time!

You can dress it up or dress it down.

perfect pencil blue

Sometimes I even roll the waist band under 2x to make it shorter (Really, I need to make another version!). Lots of options thought – it’s very versatile.

As FYI, here’s the official description for the pattern:

Pamela’s Perfect Pencil Skirt: The pencil skirt silhouette is an improvement over the traditional straight skirt.  It tapers in from hip to hem giving a more slimming appearance no matter what your body type!  The secret is in the fitting process, and Pamela will teach you how to get the best fit ever with her proven dart and side seam placement methods.  Need more reasons to stitch up this stylish look?  How about a classic and great fitting skirt that you can make, start to finish, in a little more than an hour?  You will achieve the smooth look that is traditionally found in skirts with a waistband and zipper, but the “magic” is done with comfortable Fantastic Elastic.

  • Multi-sized pattern for hip sizes 36″ – 53″

Suggested Fabrics (pre-washed):
– Stretch Wovens with at least 20% stretch
– Medium to heavy knits and double knits

So, in summary – if you’re looking for a super easy, really cute, very versatile knit skirt….check this out. This was my second pattern from Pamela (I still need to review the pants pattern and class I took with her). If you haven’t sewn her patterns before – they really are a treat. She includes such thorough and easy to follow directions. Based on my experience so far, I highly recommend them.

Happy Sewing!


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