Vogue 8742 – My Christmas Dress

The past couple of weeks I’ve been busy trying to get several sewing projects completed. One was this one – my new Christmas dress.

red dress 3

It’s Vogue 8742 that I first talked about here.


This is my second try at this dress. The first one I mistakenly made the seam allowances extra-large and it was a bit too snug, so I gave it to my sister. This one turned out great. I didn’t even have my super-duper sucker inners on and it worked!

As with any somewhat form-fitting knit dress, fit from front and back is important.

red dress back 1

My only tips for this dress are to be sure to get the ruching even in the front.  I did that following these steps:

1) Mark the small circles on the front and front side pieces very clearly.
2) Gather the sides evenly as instructed.
3) Pin the side pieces to the front at the small circles.


4) Even out the ruching between each circle.
5) Baste together and check the ruching. Make any adjustments that are necessary.

The other thing to look out for (especially with a solid color) is to be sure the sleeves are inserted evenly – that there is no gathering at the sleeve. They should ease in, without gathers. I had to re-do one of these sleeves to get it right.

That’s it! The rest is very straightforward. I didn’t make any alterations to this pattern besides adding length. I like the longer look, but I might make the black version a bit shorter – I’d be wearing it mostly with tights and boots anyway, so I think it would be a little less serious.

Unfortunately, this pattern is out of print. If you have it and have not tried it yet – I highly recommend it!

So, while I’m not 100% ready for Christmas, at least I know what I’ll be wearing!

red dress 1

If you’re sewing for the holiday, I hope your projects are coming along well.

In the meantime, enjoy the season and Happy Sewing!


8 responses to “Vogue 8742 – My Christmas Dress

  1. You look fabulous in your Christmas dress and red really suits you! Gotta love getting a look like this without having to wear the super-duper sucker inners LOL. I had to laugh when I read that as I know what it’s like when you have an outfit you love and you feel that you need to wear them to keep things in place. Hope you have a wonderful xmas and Santa spoils you 🙂 I completed my sewing projects for xmas but haven’t blogged about them yet… been kinda busy so I may not even get them posted before we head off on our xmas vacation to Bali.

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  4. I have this pattern all cut (in red) but have not put it together…it’s only been 9 months since I cut it….reading your comments and suggestions makes me want to try to get it done over the weekend…sigh.

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