What I Want for Christmas….

I’ve been sharing ideas I think are good for gifts or stocking stuffers for the sewers on your list. One of the things you won’t find there is a sewing machine or serger. I think they are too difficult to just go buy for someone – you should really try them out first.

That said, I’ve broken that rule. What I have on my list for Christmas is a new serger.

I bought my first serger about 20 years ago. I remember how amazed I was at what it could do and how professionally finished my garments were. At that time, I was getting back in to sewing (again) and making my maternity clothes. I was a working, pregnant mom and not going to be showing up in the office in frilly, oversized dresses, so I made skirts, tops and jackets that worked great (sorry, no pics!).

Anyway – here she is – my Singer 14u34B.


I can’t remember where I bought this machine, but it was in a box on a shelf and I just grabbed it. It was not difficult to learn and has served me very well through the years.  It’s pretty basic – it’s a 2-needle, 3/4-thread serger that does a rolled hem. It’s solid – this was made in the day of metal machines. Still – while it works OK, it does not have some of the features of the more current machines (namely differential feed).

As good as she’s been, I’ve decided it’s time for an upgrade.

In April, at the Sewing Expo I attended, I test drove a BabyLock Evolution.

babylock evolution

Lordy! I had never experienced anything like it. Sewed (serged) like a dream, the air threading was amazing, it was fast, quiet, smooth, had a cover stitch function – all you could want. Of course they were offering a great deal and I almost took it, then I remembered the college tuition. Still, I thought I’d sleep on it. The next day I talked to someone in one of the classes who strongly suggested I not buy a combo machine – get a separate serger and a separate cover stitch. OK. Done. Just saved about $3,000.

On the advice of getting separate machines, I started looking at new sergers. After trying several, I really liked the Janome MyLock 634D.

janome mylock 634d

This machine has all I could want and, being a Janome fan, I knew it would be perfect. However, it is still about $700. As much as I love it and can usually justify buying just about anything, I didn’t feel right about asking for this one.

I did some more searching and came across the Brother 1034D. Actually, it seemed everywhere I looked I came across the Brother 1034D. At Amazon.com it was under $200 – less than my original machine!

brother serger

OK, so right there I was skeptical. Surely this couldn’t be any good.

Searching further, I found just great reviews and there a dedicated section in sewingpatternreview.com on this machine alone! It has all the feature I want – I’m not afraid of threading a machine, changing needles, a bit of noise or anything else having a 20 year old machine already!. And OK, so it doesn’t do a 2-thread stitch. I don’t think I’ll miss that.

For the price, I couldn’t pass it up. In a few years, when paying for college tuitions are a thing of the past, I may re-visit my Janome pick – who knows – maybe even the BabyLock!

So, on my list it went.

We’ll see. Hopefully Santa will come through. I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.

What’s on your Christmas list?

Happy Sewing!


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