12 Days of Christmas – Day 12

For 12 days I’m sharing ideas for stocking stuffers or gifts for the sewers in your life (or to add to your own list). Here’s another idea:

Christmas Gift Idea #12:  Sewing Reference Book

So, here we are – the 12th day. No, it’s not a sewing machine – I’ll explain why tomorrow. Today I’m suggesting a sewing reference book. There are many that are available and any would be a great gift. Here are a few of my favorites…. 

1) Sew Everything Workshop – Diana Rupp

Diana Rupp book

For the beginner on your list, I think this is great. It’s a spiral bound book – which makes it easy to use while sewing and it covers all the basics from supplies you need, to operating your machine, to learning key skills, and lots more. The book also includes patterns for several projects with step by step instructions. There is also a Craftsy class that is a great add on with this book (I shared that in an earlier post here). I think this is a great pick for someone just starting out or looking for a refresher and it’s just about $21.00 on Amazon.com.

2) The Dressmaker’s Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques – Linda Maynard

Couture BookIMG_2745

Another spiral bound reference, I just love this book. The index uses photos to show each technique and then, very clear step by step instructions show you how to master each. It’s really informative and easy to follow. You can order it from Amazon.com for just about $20.00

One of the biggest challenges of garment sewing is getting the fit right. These next few books address that challenge.

3) The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting – Sarah Veblen

Perfect Fitting BookIMG_2741

This is such a wonderful resource! Sarah takes you through a step by step process for proper fitting using a muslin, with most attention on getting the bodice fit right. The photos are amazing and really help in building understanding of the “how to’s” to get a perfect fit. (Not that I’ve mastered this yet – but still trying!). You can find this on Amazon.com for about $24.00

4) Pants for Real People – Patti Palmer and Marta Alto

Pants for Real PeopleIMG_2737

Pants probably take the cake for the most challenging garment to get the proper fit. This book is considered by many to be the “Bible” of pants fitting. The best part is actually using different shaped “models” to show different fit issues and then, how to address them. Where Sarah Veblen advocates the muslin approach, in this book, you’re instructed on using tissue fitting. It’s a great resource and it’s spiral binding makes it easy to use as you sew. This is available on Amazon.com for around $24.00. At PalmerPletch.com you can also find a great combo pack for $39.00 that includes this book, a DVD and a pack of no-roll elastic. 

5) Fitting and Pattern Alteration – Elizabeth Liechty, Della N. Pottberg-Steineckert and Judith A. Rasband

Fitting & Pattern Alteration BookIMG_2751

For the advanced sewer on your list – this is an amazing book. It’s not only a very thorough reference for fitting, it also introduces the reader to how to select the best style for their body shape and builds on that foundation to select, fit and alter patterns to work for them. It’s almost like a textbook – incredible information. This is available at Amazon.com for about $94.00.

I hope this gives you an idea you can use for gifting this season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Sewing!

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*Disclaimer: Just a note, in case you’re wondering…I am not affiliated with any of the suggested products/companies – these are truly gifts I just think would be great. 


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