McCalls 3830 – My TNT Skirt Pattern

This fall I put together my sewing plan which included several skirts, dresses and tops. I’ve made some good progress, but I’m not finished yet! Here’s a quick update on my some of my skirt projects.

These three skirts were finished a while ago (the fall leaves may give that away!) using McCalls 3830. They have become wardrobe staples!


The first one is a sort of a purple crepe. The middle is a faux leather with a reptile texture and bronzy splashes all over, the third is a textured fabric with a zebra-ish grey/black pattern. They are very versatile – easy to dress up or dress down. (Sorry about the poor photo quality – I did something to my camera settings that makes them all small – I have yet to figure it out!)

Purple Skirt

pleather skirt

Here’s a close up of the “pleather” fabric. Love it!


blk:gry skirt

The only really change I made besides my own fitting and pegging the skirt bottom, was to use a bias tape finish on the waist instead of the facing. I think it’s a much cleaner and nicer finish and it’s super easy.

It’s so great when you finally perfect a pattern for you and that’s what I’ve accomplished with McCalls 3830 – it’s become my TNT skirt pattern. This is a super easy pattern. I know there are a million skirt patterns out there, but this is my pick for a simple straight skirt. If you’re looking for one – I highly recommend.

Happy Sewing!


5 responses to “McCalls 3830 – My TNT Skirt Pattern

    • Thanks, Angela. I agree with you – that’s my favorite too! I haven’t tried the knit pattern, but I have made Pamela’s Patterns “perfect pencil skirt” – I have to do a review on that one – it lives up to it’s name!

  1. Looks good! I will have to take a look at it. Usually straight skirts don’t come out looking so good on me. Great on you though!

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