12 Days of Christmas – Day 7

For 12 days I’m sharing ideas for stocking stuffers or gifts for the sewers in your life (or to add to your own list). Here’s another idea:

Christmas Gift Idea #7:  Subscription/Membership

Give the gift that keeps on giving. If you have a sewer on your list, a great gift is a magazine subscription or membership to a sewing oriented website community. Here are a few examples:

1) Threads Insider Subscription

threads insider

I have always loved Threads magazine. It’s inspiring and instructional. I’ve had a regular print subscription, a digital subscription through my iPad and now, I’m an InSider member – so I access the issues online. I used to keep my print copies for reference (still have many), but I’d find that I rarely went back to view them. If I need help with something I usually refer to my sewing books or search online. With my digital subscription, I wasn’t able to keep them all on my iPad because of space issues so I’d archive many and it just wasn’t convenient to browse. When Threads introduced their Insider subscription, at first I wasn’t interested – I thought it was all a rehash of what I had through my magazine copies. But not so.

A Threads Insider membership costs the same as a print subscription to the magazine ($32.95/year) or, if you’re a print subscriber, you can add it for $12.95/year. Is it worth it? I think so. In addition to the following, you also get access to digital issues and can access articles you need by searching by topic. Also, the DVD’s they sell separately (or used to), are also available online as part of your membership:

  • Weekly emails  – with tips, techniques, and more
  • Share your projects with the community
  • Unlimited access to our collection of all-time favorite articles from Threads – even those out of print
  • Complete access to our exclusive Threads Insider pattern database
  • 80+ videos highlighting tips and techniques from top sewing experts
  • Digital access to our most recent issues of Threads magazine
  • Automatic entry into monthly drawings
  • Special member discounts and offers

2) Burda Style Magazine


I have to say, I do not subscribe to BurdaStyle magazine only because of the $99/year price tag. That’s why I think it would be a great gift. As described on their subscription page, each monthly issue includes approximately 60 multi-sized patterns –  including plus size patterns and children’s patterns that range from easy to challenging.

us burda

They have also introduced a US version that will be issued quarterly. There are some mixed reviews that say it’s basically a rehash of what’s been published in their english-translated German issues, but as a non-subscriber, that would bother me and it’s only $24.99/year. Here’s the most thorough review I’ve found.

3) Vogue Patterns Magazine

vogue pattern magazineI’ve been an off and on again subscriber to Vogue Patterns Magazine. A 1 year subscription is $28.95 for 6 bi-monthly issues. I think this magazine is so inspirational. It’s a great mix of fashion and features and of course, they do a great job of bringing their patterns to life and featuring their new collections. I was always happy to find a new issue in the mail and get inspired for the season ahead.

4) Friends of Pattern Review Membership


Who does not love sewingpatternreview.com? While you can access some of the features with a free membership, with an upgrade to Friends of PR membership, for $29.99  these added benefits are provided:

  • 10% off at Joann Fabrics and deals at other merchants
  • 10% off & free shipping on patterns and sewing classes
  • Sewing Knowledgebase of online resources
  • Personalized pattern catalog, wish lists, photo album and private messaging
  • Daily digest e-mail with a summary of the website
  • Post classifieds that appear on the homepage
  • Sewing Machine feature comparison tool

Let me tell you, the 10% off at Joann Fabrics has already covered the cost of my membership! As a Friend of PR, sewingatternreview.com is such a great source to find and share reviews on patterns, info on just about any sewing challenge you could imagine, and provides an active community that you can be as engaged in as you choose.

I hope this offers some ideas you can use for gifting this season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Sewing!

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*Disclaimer: Just a note, in case you’re wondering…I am not affiliated with any of the suggested products/companies – these are truly gifts I just think would be great. 


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