Butterick 5799 – Beach Bag/Tote

I’ve had this pattern for a while but finally got around to making it because I needed a gift for a Christmas gift exchange with my girlfriends.

Butterick 5799My choice was View C (the green/white tote in the top left corner). I selected an outdoor canvas from JoAnn Fabrics and pre-washed/ironed the fabric before I started.


With high hopes I actually cut two of these, thinking they would both serve as great gifts. Yes, I know it’s winter – but be it a winter get away, a summer day at the beach, or watching the sunset at least three seasons out of the year with a bottle of wine, snacks and good company – I thought this would be ideal.

A bit ironic that I finished this the same day we had our first snow of the year…


…but it brings sunny thoughts of warm days to come 🙂

I’m happy to say this pattern is really easy to sew. Here’s a look at the finished product – isn’t it cute?!


It’s also really roomy – this is a big bag! The finished dimensions are about 17″ high and 20″ wide. This can hold a lot of stuff! The handles are long enough too that you can put them over your shoulder. It has two inside pockets, which were really easy to do. For a future bag it might be worth considering some customized pockets too (one to hold a pad of paper, a water bottle, etc.).


The only things I did different from the pattern instructions were to use fusible fleece instead of sew in hair canvas and rather than use a cardboard insert to stabilize the bottom, I made a separate piece that could be removed. That way the whole thing could go in the wash.


Overall, if you’re looking for a tote bag pattern or beach bag pattern, I highly recommend this one. The instructions are clear, it comes together well and it’s really quite easy to do.

Happy Sewing!


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