Vogue 8742 – What More Could You Ask For?

This fall, one of the fabrics I received in my order from Mood Fabrics was Grey Solid Suiting Ponte.

This fabric has a great drape and a grey/black texture stripe to it – very subtle, but makes it interesting and, it was just $10/yard!

I selected Vogue 8742 after seeing such great results and positive reviews on PatternReview.com. It’s a pattern I’ve had for a while and is now out of print, which is a real shame.  If you have it and haven’t used it yet – I highly recommend it.


The good news with this project, is that the pattern was super easy. The instructions are clear, it’s well drafted, a great style and is easy to wear – another of those “dress up/dress down” versatile pieces. What more could you ask for?

The bad news, is I used the wrong mark on my serger and instead of 5/8″ seams, I sewed 7/8″ seams. Oops.

Here’s a pic – small only because of my poor photo skills (I did something to my camera setting that I have to figure out!).


I actually could have gotten away with it (with some heavy-duty Spanx) but instead, I gave it to my sister. She is thrilled and is taking the “dressing it up option” to wear it to a holiday party.

I really love this pattern and was disappointed this version didn’t quite work for me, but I have 2 more in the works – cranberry red and black. I’ll post when those are finished.

The cranberry is not a very good quality fabric so I’m not sure how it will turn out. The black is a nice weight fabric I bought at Mood on a visit last week (pre-holiday fun day in the city with my daughter who was home from school :)).

Hopefully one of these will work out (and be finished!) for me to wear to a holiday party!

Happy Sewing!


9 responses to “Vogue 8742 – What More Could You Ask For?

  1. Laura,
    I love this pattern and have sewn it twice. I was even thinking about sewing it in the same fabric you just used which I have! Good luck with the upcoming two dresses 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to wear this dress. I’m so thankful your serger was set incorrectly! And so thankful you sew so beautifully. I’ll send you a pic of the “dressed-up” version when I wear it Saturday night.

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