12 Days of Christmas – Day 2

For 12 days I’m sharing ideas for stocking stuffers or gifts for the sewers in your life (or to add to your own list). Here’s another idea:

Christmas Gift Idea #2: Famore Scissors

I’ve bought sewing scissors before – even “splurged” on what I thought were quality scissors from a name brand at a chain fabric store. Then I found the Famore Cutlery booth at a sewing expo. These are REAL scissors!  I bought three pair and they are each wonderful. Incredibly sharp, nicely weighted and comfortable to hold. Here are my three picks. You could buy all three or just pick one.


The Famore 9″ Dress Making Shears #730 – These are really well balanced, easy to hold and super sharp. For $38.00, this is a high quality shear – a great choice. They cut cleanly through the lightest to the heaviest of fabrics. Just holding them you know these are serious shears. For the dress maker, you can’t go wrong with these.

Snip Scissors

The Famore 6″ Sharp Point Straight Trimming Scissors – At first I didn’t really understand why these would be so useful, but a more experienced sewer convinced me to get them. Wow. I use these so much – clipping curves, trimming seams, where ever you need to make smaller, precise cuts and the large sheers are just too much. They are so sharp, they snip cleanly all the way to the point. You can get them for $16.00. Did I mention they are sharp? Careful about stabbing yourself in the hand 🙂

Embroid Scissors

The Famore 4″ Micro Tip Curved Blade Scissors – My machine does embroidery (Janome MC 9500) and while it came with embroidery scissors, I broke mine. So glad I did because I may not have bought these micro tip scissors. They are awesome. The tip is slanted up and it is super pointy and sharp to you can grab those little threads and cleanly cut them with one try. I don’t use them just for embroidery, they are great for trimming threads on garments and because the tip is so narrow and sharp, you can easily get in small areas and clip right to the fabric. These are $18.00 and well worth it.  A great gift.

Merry Christmas and Happy Sewing!

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*Disclaimer: Just a note, in case you’re wondering…I am not affiliated with any of the suggested products/companies – these are truly gifts I just think would be great. 


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