More or Less….

I’m always looking for inspiration. In this case, it was to get back to regular blogging. Yesterday I came across the NaBloPoMo “challenge” – essentially the goal is to blog daily for one month. The timing was right so I took the plunge and signed up (if you’re interested, you have one more day to sign up).


The theme for December’s NaBloPoMo is “more or less” described as  “What we want more of in 2014, and which habits we’d rather not bring into the next year.  We’re thinking about how we can do more with less, and how we can lessen our stress levels, especially for those jumping into another series of holidays.” 

So, along those lines – I’d like more consistency to document my progress in sewing and sharing things I learn along the way and less procrastination.

I’m going to map out a plan and do my best to stick to it!

Let’s see how this goes.  Here’s to MORE!

Happy Sewing!


3 responses to “More or Less….

  1. I am definitely on board with the more/less theme: more organization/less clutter in 2014. Looking forward to hearing more about your sewing escapades!

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