Getting back in the MOOD to sew…

This summer flew by and while I’m sorry it’s over, it’s always a good sign that it was a lot of fun! Now the kids are back at college and I’m “reclaiming” the house and getting a firm schedule in order.

Perhaps my lack of blogging is another sign it was just too much fun being out and enjoying the season. Even so, I’ve been feeling guilty that I haven’t kept up. I had good intentions over the summer and while I didn’t blog, I did at least get a good amount of sewing in. Some wins, a few losers – all of which I’ll get to posting.

For now I’ve turned my thoughts to planning what I’ll sew for fall/winter. I haven’t gotten too serious about it – yet – but the signs are there.

2013 Fall Pantone

Last night I saw the latest issue of Threads Magazine is available with their thoughts for fall.


I didn’t have a chance to go through it then, but this morning, when I saw an email for a one day only 20% off sale at MOOD Fabrics I knew this was the day to get my plan together!mood

I’ll share my plan as I figure it out. For now I thought I’d share the sale if you didn’t already know.

Happy sewing!


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