Fearless February Summary

OMG – here it is March 6 and I’m just getting to my Fearless February summary! That says something about how the month went. Honestly, as I’m sure many of you can relate, work got a bit out of control with some unexpected tight deadlines and there you go! First off I want to thank Victoria at Ten Thousand Hours of SEwing for leading this challenge and being such an inspiration. It was really interesting to see how all of the participants progressed through the month – some really talented sewists and some new blogging friends!

I set some ambitious goals for the challenge and while I didn’t reach them all, I was inspired to push myself and I did make progress. Here’s my summary:

#1:  Vogue 8825 –  This project met my goal of sewing a pattern I had not sewn before. I was really happy with how this turned out. This project inspired me to push on!

#2/#3 Vogue 8790  – I tried this top once and had some good learning so for Fearless February I decided to sew two versions with some ITY knits I had in my stash. I’ve worn them both and love them – although they seem to be “growing.” I’m attributing it to my fabric, but SavageCoco left me a comment on this very issue. At least I was reassured I’m not totally crazy! Next time I will probably cut a straight 16, use some aggressive seam allowances and maybe a less “stretchy” fabric.

#4 Finish “cloning” my favorite pants. This is a project I started months ago with Kenneth King’s Jean-ius: Reverse Engineer Your Favorite Fit class on Craftsy. Thanks to Fearless February, I pulled it back out and moved through just about all of the lessons. I did make quite a bit of progress on these pants, but I’m not finished yet. I made a muslin using some inexpensive navy fabric from Affordable Fabrics in Rocky Hill, CT. So far they’ve turned out pretty well. In my initial try there was not enough fabric, so they pulled across my upper thighs in the back. I read up on what to do and made an adjustment in the crotch, which seems to have resolved the issue. I also pulled out a pants pattern I recently bought (Vogue 8751) to check the measurements and design and also see how the zipper was handled (Kenneth’s class focuses on Jeans – I’m making trousers – very different zippers!). I’m going to use some of those instructions in my next try. So, to move ahead with this, I’m going to make one more muslin out of “real” muslin to check the fit (I’ll post some pics then – just didn’t get to it through this round!). If all is well, I’m going for it! So in the end, not finished, but progress!

#5: Make a “master” pattern for The Perfect Pencil Skirt – Another Craftsy inspiration. The final project was to work out a TNT pattern for a pencil skirt, using Diana Rupp’s Craftsy class Sewing Studio. This is still “on deck”. I wasn’t able to get to it, but am still determined! This is going to have to move on over to the month of March….

That’s it for now. I’m calling Fearless February a success! Thanks again, Victoria!


3 responses to “Fearless February Summary

  1. Hi Laura, Firstly, congratulations for challenging yourself so well and achieving at least some of your goals (and serious movement towards others, as well). I love the purple dress – beautifuuly done. I wish you well on the trouser project – I would enrol in the class too, but the one stumbling block is I can’t find RTW pants that are a good fit either!

  2. Congrats on shooing fear outta the sewing realm! Keep on track with trousers. I got lucky and bumped into a pair of RTW pants that fit like a dream, so cloned those and I now have a TNT pants pattern. Now all that’s left is to make them in white if I could only find decent bottom weight fabrics. I FEAR buying it online!
    Rock on!

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