Time To Step Up My Sewing!

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day! This also means we’re half way through “Fearless February”! I finished my first project much faster than I expected so, it’s time to step it up!  I realize I need to set some sewing goals to push myself further this month (having already met one of them – sewing a wearable garment from a pattern I have not sewn from before).

Here is what I plan to accomplish for the rest of February:

#1:  Sew Vogue 8790 2x.  First, in this ITY fabric. I love the colors and the pattern – it will be perfect for this top.


One thing I noticed though – not sure if it came like this or it happened in the wash, but look at all of those little “splotches”. Not so good.


I think if I can hide that in the “underlayer” or in the part that is “rouched”, it will be fine. For a total fabric cost of $7.42, I’m OK with it. And, it’s more motivation to improve my sewing skills so I can move on to higher quality (and thus, more expensive) fabrics!


The next version of  Vogue 8790 I’m going to make is in this fabric, a light grey/white zebra print ITY. I thought it would be cute with a white skirt or white jeans. Again, the fabric was inexpensive (total fabric cost of $6.91) but this help me get another step closer to feeling confident in sewing with better quality fabrics. In both cases I’m planning to sew View C, with a modified sleeve, shortened right above the elbow.

Here’s why I’ve added this to my plan: I made this pattern recently and had some great learnings. Here’s a pic – looks pretty nice, doesn’t it? Ha! Don’t be fooled!


First, one side was a bit “lumpy”. I think the way I rouched the under layer was uneven so it was lumpy on the top. You can’t tell so much here, but trust me – it’s not great.

I could have gotten by with it, but then I really messed it up with the hem.

I was really careful. I measured everything, pressed it up, tested out my double needle, but for some reason I had it in my head that you are supposed to stretch knit fabric (hard) when you sew it  – NOT!

I ruined my top. I totally stretched out the bottom. I’m not sure you can really see it here – but it hangs loose, it’s all stretched out. So, time to try it again. It was really turning out cute until I messed it up! 🙂



Fave pants with thread markings, hanging with the organza and paper

Fave pants with thread markings, hanging with the organza and paper

#2: Finish “cloning” my favorite pants. Next up is a project I started in the fall then set it aside and never went back.

Inspired after seeing Kenneth King at a PatternReview.comCraftsy event in New York, I bought his class on Craftsy – Jean-ius: Reverse Engineer Your Favorite Fit. I’m only at Lesson 3 out of 11, so I have a ways to go.

This is a far more complex process than I thought, but Kenneth is very clear and patient in the videos and you can go back and see any part of it as often as you want, plus he responds to questions, so really there is no excuse not to see these through.

These pants shouldn’t be that hard – they have a simple waistband, front zipper, no pockets or anything else. I wear them to death (well, since they have been hanging around with threads all over, recently I have not!) – so it’s time to finish them. If I can’t do it in Fearless February, then when??!!

#3:  Make a “master” pattern for The Perfect Pencil Skirt – Another Craftsy inspiration. My final project for the month is to really work out a TNT pattern for a pencil skirt. I’m relying on Diana Rupp’s Craftsy class Sewing Studio. I bought and took this class about a year ago and did make one pencil skirt, but I was never really happy with the fit. I’ve learned more now, so I’m going to try it again. My goal (NOT in February), after making the soon-to-be cute tops above, is to make a white pencil skirt – ideally in stretch pique or other fabric with some body (followed by many more in other fabrics!).

So, that’s it. The pressure is on. 14 days to go! My first project went really well – so, I’m feeling a bit more brave, but still apprehensive – perfect for “Fearless February” – don’t you think? I’ll let you know! Thanks to Victoria and all the other Fearless February Sewists for their inspiration to keep moving on!


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