So I took the plunge, using my best guess on how in the world you’re supposed to follow a “double layout” in pattern instructions, and I’m happy to say it worked!

I don’t know why, with all the detailed explanations on everything else, pattern companies don’t just say, “Lay out your fabric and pattern pieces according to the first illustration. Cut them out, then lay out the remaining fabric and pattern pieces according to the second illustration.”  Simple.

Anyway, that’s what I did – but it was quite a process!

First, I decided to use my kitchen floor because it was a solid surface (no carpet) and had great lighting. That meant I had to vacuum the floor (pets) then wash the floor and keep the animals out!

Because I use 2 sizes – a 16 on top and an 18 on the bottom (and the fact I’m 6 feet tall and have to lengthen everything), I wasn’t sure which layout to use – the one for size 16 or 18. Both layouts were quite a bit different, but then I realized I didn’t have the extra 1/4 yard called for in the size 18 (yikes!). So, I did a test layout with the size 16 and measured everything to make sure it would fit (it did). Then, grained my fabric (yes – I do know how to do that now and will write a separate post on that later!), laid everything out and got to work.



Exhausting! Partly because I took my time and was careful, and partly because I was working from the floor (hate that). But the good news is – it worked! Everything is now cut and ready for marking and sewing.

Luckily we’re expecting a blizzard in Connecticut this weekend, so I hope to dedicate a lot of time to this dress!


5 responses to “Success!

  1. I am impressed! How did you keep those pets out of the kitchen! Seriously, cannot wait to see this evolve. Happy snow days!

  2. Hey Allison – no, I didn’t. What I did was lay it out as shown in the first pic in the instructions with selvages together and cut out those pieces. Then I used the left over piece- in this case, folded one selvage edge up just enough to fit the front “skirt” piece on the fold, then the last pattern piece was laid out 2x on single fabric, once right side up, then flipped over. Hope that makes sense! BTW – love your blog!

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