Sometimes It’s The Little Things…

Finally (6 days into the month!) I’m ready to get started on my Vogue 8825 dress. I have to say though, sometimes it just doesn’t take much to give me pause, make me question my abilities and shoot down my confidence about moving forward!

I’ve read all the reviews on this dress and don’t have any trepidation about the actual sewing process (yet!). Where I’m hung up is with the cutting layout. Can I just say – I HATE THIS! “This” being when the instructions show you 2 different layouts for the same view.

Here’s the deal: In this case, I’m sewing “View B”.


Simple enough – I’ve identified the pattern pieces I need, cut them out and pressed them to get the wrinkles out.


Then I moved on to the layout.  What I don’t get is how are you supposed to do this?


I even did my best to Google “how do you cutout a pattern with 2 layouts” and “cutting out a pattern with 2 layouts”, and anything else I could think of. I came up dry. Am I the only sewer on the planet who has had this same anxiety about what to do? Seriously, this has been enough to make me set a pattern aside and go on to another project! I should probably be embarrassed by this  –  but I’m just being honest!

So, here’s my plan.  It’s Fearless February, so I’m not walking away from this. I’m going to give it a go the best I can. First, I’m going to lay out the full cut of fabric with selvages together “long ways”. Once I get the pattern pieces on and cut, I’ll re-fold the remaining fabric with the selvages coming together on the “short ends” and the cut sides “longways”.  I’m hoping that’s what you’re supposed to do – I’ll certainly share the outcome.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, please!


2 responses to “Sometimes It’s The Little Things…

  1. I am very new to sewing so i would love to know how this turns out. I would have done exactly what you are doing. I think the one with the short salvage edges are cut on the fold lines, then flipped to insure the nap of the fabric is in the same direction. HAPPY sewing!!

  2. Hi Allison – Thanks for your note and encouragement, nice to have someone to (re)learn with! And, I’m happy to say it worked! I don’t know why that isn’t just spelled out in the first place – oh well, another learning!

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