I’m in on “Fearless February”!

Yay! I took the plunge and joined the Fearless February Sew Along with Victoria at Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing and over 30 other sewers! Victoria’s blog is one I’ve followed for a while. She shares a real passion for sewing and pushes herself to continue to grow and improve.  She’s very inspiring. Plus, I like her sense of humor and I love her style.

I’ve considered sew alongs and contests before but could never make the commitment. When I read her first post about Fearless February I thought about it but was too afraid to commit.  But then, hey – that’s the perfect reason TO join, right? To learn new skills, to push ourselves – and that’s what my 2013 commitment is about.

So, finally, 4 days into February I took the plunge and I’m in!  Here’s to being fearless – let’s go!


3 responses to “I’m in on “Fearless February”!

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