Next on Deck: Vogue 8825

As part of my commitment in 2013 to sew from a “new to me” pattern at least 1x/month, for February I’ve selected Vogue 8825.  I’m going to make the dress.

Vogue 8825

I liked this dress as soon as I saw it – it has a great look – professional, comfortable, perfect. I have held on to the pattern for a while and was starting to think I would save it until fall, but then I read a recent review on  by wizechyld. She did a great job on her dress – it looks beautiful and she had wonderful things to say about the pattern. So, that was all the inspiration I needed.

Because it calls for 2-way stretch, I’m going to use a plum matte jersey that I bought a few months back from Denver Fabrics. Here’s a pic – although this looks more “blueberry” than “plum” here. It’s really a deep color (which is why I was thinking more fall than spring!).


Anyway, that’s the plan. This week I’ll get the pieces cut and marked, next week I’ll start sewing.


3 responses to “Next on Deck: Vogue 8825

  1. Hey Lady!!!! I added you to the Fearless February Sew Along participant list at your request. Don’t forget to grab a button. We look forward to checking out your progress:)

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